BEGIN:VCALENDAR VERSION:2.0 PRODID:-// iCalcreator 2.10.23// X-WR-TIMEZONE:America/New_York BEGIN:VEVENT UID:20211208T034401CET-2890dDhNDV@ DTSTAMP:20211208T024401Z DESCRIPTION:\n With Darnell Martin and \;Luna Lauren Vélez in person \n \n\n Dir. Darnell Martin. 1994\, 104 mins. 35mm. With Luna Lauren Vélez\, Rita Moreno\, Lisa Vidal\, Jon Seda\, Jesse Borrego\, Griffin Dunne\, Fat Joe. Pulsing with the rhythm of the Bronx\, I Like It Like That made Darne ll Martin the first African American woman to direct a studio-produced fil m. This remarkable romantic comedy mixes tragedy with slick humor\, follow ing Jamaican–Puerto Rican wife and mother Lisette Linares (Vélez) who must raise the funds to bail out her husband\, Chino (Seda)\, after he foolish ly loots a stereo during a blackout. As Chino’s mother (Moreno) schemes a way to bail out her son herself\, Lisette finds work as a model then as an assistant. With newfound independence and after discovering Chino’s infid elity\, Lisette questions their flawed marriage. Selection of the 1994 Can nes Film Festival. View trailer.\n \n \n The screening will be followed by a conversation celebrating the diversity of representation in Martin’s fi lm. Featuring Martin and actress Luna Lauren Vélez\, this discussion tackl es how the film and television industries in the United States exoticize a nd misrepresent Latina/x women and the lack of Afro-Latina/xs characters. They will discuss type-casting actors and stereotypical characters\, as we ll as commemorate the groundbreaking storytelling in their film and its po rtrayal of Puerto Rican women. \n \n\n\n Tickets: $15 / $11 senior and stu dents / $9 youth (ages 3–17) / discounted for MoMI members ($7–$11). Order tickets. Please pick up tickets at the Museum's admissions desk upon arri val. All seating is general admission. Review safety protocols before your visit. \n DTSTART:20211205T153000 DTEND:20211205T180000 LOCATION:Museum of the Moving Image - Bartos Screening Room SUMMARY:I Like It Like That END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR .午夜免费啪在线大尺度,А∨天堂吧,在线看片免费不卡人