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    community members and leaders in discussion about culture in NYC

    Community Engagement

    Museum of the Moving Image engages diverse local stakeholders in helping to advance the understanding, enjoyment, and appreciation of the moving image as a cultural resource. Service-based organizations, residents, filmmakers, artists, and cultural spaces from across the borough of Queens collaborate with the Museum year-round to co-develop programs, celebrate achievements in the digital arts, and access media arts education.

    Neighborhood Council

    In 2018, the Museum created a Neighborhood Council of local residents and representatives of community serving organizations. The council provides support in the development of new programs, and represents new voices in the decision-making processes of the museum. The forming of a neighborhood council is a direct result from the Cultural Plan workshops and community discussions held in 2017 at the Museum, and serves to continue bringing together residents and organizers with other local cultural stakeholders from community-based organizations and cultural sites.

    2021 Council Members
    April L. Simpson, President, Queensbridge Tenant Association, Jacob Riis Neighborhood Settlement
    Carolina Peñafiel, Executive Director and Co-Founder, Local Project, Inc.
    Christopher Hanway, Executive Director, Jacob Riis Neighborhood Settlement
    Citiview Connections Clubhouse Members
    Brently Winstead, Executive Director, Long Island City YMCA
    Jaime-Faye Bean, Independent Curator and Director of the Sunnyside Business Improvement District
    Penelope Eleni Gaitanis-Katsaras, Artist and ceramics teaching artist at Sunny Woodside Cornerstone of Woodside Housing
    Mohini Mishra, Managing Director, Housing & NORCS, Queensview NORC
    Ronald Fleming, DJ, activist, and LIC community member
    Russell Roten, Executive Director, Citiview Connection Clubhouse
    Shazia Jivraj, parent, local resident, and educator
    Shireen Soliman, Astoria resident, parent, artist, and educator at Pratt Institute and Parsons School of Design
    Sol Aramendi, Founder, Project Luz
    Tsering Diki, Founder, NY Tibetan Service Center and Diki Daycare Center

    The Saturday Series @ Queensbridge

    Since 2014, the Museum has presented community screenings in collaboration with long-time partners, the Jacob A. Riis Settlement House and the Queensbridge Tenants Association, located in the Queensbridge NYCHA Houses. Programs have included a community screening of the documentary, Nas: Time Is Illmatic, a film chronicling the life and career of rapper and former NYCHA resident Nasir Jones. In its 2018 iteration, The Saturday Series @ Queensbridge features a film club of elders and youth who select and present six films, followed by community discussion.

    Community Partnerships

    Since 2014, the Museum has co-developed and presented over 100 programs for individuals and families from local immigrant communities and area residents. In 2018, the Museum initiated a community partnership program to work closely with several partners over the course of a year to co-develop programming and new museum experiences that resonate with the diverse communities of Queens.

    2021 Community Partners
    Afrikan Poetry Theatre
    Emerald Isle Immigration Center
    Jacob Riis Settlement House
    Museum Hue
    African Peach Arts Coalition
    City Access New York
    The Blue Bus Project

    Afrikan Poetry Theatre Director Saiku Branch, Activist Erica Ford, Yusef Salaam, Councilmember Daneek Miller, and Sara Guerrero, MoMI

    The Central Park 5 screening and discussion presented at MoMI by The Afrikan Poetry Theatre: APT Executive Director Saiku Branch, community activist Erica Ford, author Yusef Salaam (one of the Five), Councilmember Daneek Miller, and MoMI Deputy Director of Education & Community Engagement Sara Guerrero